2013 March - Myriam Makeba Recognized by Google

Today (4th March) would have been Myriam Makebas 81st Birthday. To celebrate that day we were pleased to see that Google had changed their homepage for the day to a Myriam themed home page. Find out more at the Myriam Makeba Wikipedia page. Sonodisc / Disques Esperance is the home to three Myriam albums:
Myriam Makeba - A Promise
Myriam Makeba - Country Girl
Myriam Makeba - Live From Paris & Conakry

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2012 Jun - Franco Legacy

Franco recorded over 500 works for our Fonior label and over 200 for ASM labels. We are pleased to be continuing our long standing relationship with the Franco estate for the exclusive representation of the Franco masters and publishing catalog worldwide. Recently creative consultant Jean Karakos met up with the family of Franco and Francine D Luambo Saku (daughter of Franco) and head of the Franco estate to discuss ongoing cooperation.

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2012 May - Warehouse Tape Gold

Buried in the depths of our Paris storage facility we are pleased to announce we have started cataloguing, digesting and digitizing the mountain of tapes, stampers, matrices and masters from the Sonodisc, Fonior, Disques Esperance, Decca, Polygram, Fiesta and related labels catalog.

We have taken a photograph of each tape in our possession and are busy cataloguing. masters from Tabu or Dr Nico, dusty tapes from Grand Kalle or Koffi Olomide, a matrice from Franco, reels from OK Jazz or Papa Wemba, … history in our hands indeed.

We are currently seeking experts in the field who wish to assist us in the cataloguing of this large slice of Afro French audio history. View Slideshow

2012 Apr - Sonodisc Website Launch

It has taken some time but finally we pleased to be launching the Sonodisc group website.

The Sonodisc includes the catalog of famous World music labels Fonior, Sofrason, Fiesta, Africain, Disques Esperance and Al-Sur. As well as pre-1981 recordings from the Fonior joint ventures with Decca Nigeria and Polygram Kenya. The catalog contains over 25000 recordings. We are slowly working our way through boxes of old dusty tapes to bring them to you.