Ray Stephen Oche - Interpretation Of The Original Rhythm

Ray Stephen Oche - Interpretation Of The Original Rhythm


1. Alaglanu-Alaglano

2. Okwukwu-Kiwongo

3. Ikwun Mokon-Qkoitiho

4. Botala-Boyaka

5. Daybreak On The Niger

6. Odeiyolaoo

Released: 1970


Ray Stephen Oche is a singer, drummer, flutist and mainly trumpet player from Nigeria. From the late 50s he spent time in Ghana, meeting famous drummer Guy Warren « who is supposed to have deliver him the secret of the authentic african rythms », toured in Sierra Leone with « Outer Space » band, went to Senegal and Gambia.

Matumbo, name of his band on this record means in Angolese language, « gifted with various talents ». This LP has been recorded in Paris with musicians from Congo, Togo, Guinea, Gambia, but also Brazil and « french » West Indies. The whole album is roots and groovy afrojazz, full of percussions and african singing (in Idoma language).

Even though this record is very hard-to-find, it shouldn?t stop it from being very high on everybody?s wishlist. Enjoy!


Writers: Ray Stephen Oche

Publisher: Copyright Control